Welcome to The Fairy Houses Series® of books and video – winner of 12 prestigious awards! Popular with children, parents, gardeners, educators and nature lovers. It’s all about getting kids outside and reconnecting with the natural world around us…with a pinch of fairy magic!

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Ocean Secrets: A Fairy Houses Mystery (#2)



Illustrated mystery chapter book extends the appeal of the series to middle-grade readers.

Ocean Secrets - the second book in the Mystery Series is available in both hardcover and softcover.

by Tracy Kane and Genevieve Aichele

126 fun packed pages / 24 illustrations


Fairy Houses … Unbelievable!

Enjoy the ultimate tour of Fairy Houses in this photographic mix of both simple and exotic designs that capture the creative spirit!

Come and be transported to a world of enchantment as
“Fairy Houses…Unbelievable!” inspires the architect in us all.

by Barry & Tracy Kane
96 packed pages.

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Fairy Houses Trilogy

Fairy magic and the wonders of Nature come alive in this award-winning illustrated series. Get all three award-winning picture books in one affordable and collectible volume. This 144-page full-color book retails for $24.95.

Written & Illustrated by Tracy Kane

144 packed pages.

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The Fairy Houses “Dual Photo Combo”

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This top-selling combo is full of amazing photos of Fairy Houses from around the world!

by Barry & Tracy Kane

Rustic dwellings, spas, fairy mansions and fairy condominiums are just some of the truly inspiring ideas for fairy house builders creating the perfect habitat! more info


Fairy Houses Book and DVD Combo


Buy the FAIRY HOUSES Book and DVD Combo – get both FAIRY HOUSES Book and KRISTEN’S FAIRY HOUSE DVD together and save $5.00!

“Fairy Houses” written and illustrated by Tracy Kane
“Kristen’s Fairy House” DVD starring Tracy Kane and Kristen Puffer



Buy the First Book!


This fabulous illustrated mystery chapter book extends the appeal of the series to middle-grade readers.

Forest Secrets - the first book in the Mystery Series is available in hardcover, softcover and audio formats.

by Tracy Kane and Kelly Saunders

Fairy Houses Series® Testimonials

The Fairy Houses Series® Combined Award Listing


Also by Tracy Kane


The Magic of Color

Another winning picture book by Tracy Kane that explores when color came to the world. See the magic of color blending – with subtle multicultural messages woven throughout.

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