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Building Fairy Houses is a unique and fun way to connect Kids with Nature. They head outside, observe, and get to know the wonders of nature’s visitors to their fairy houses. Creating these unique habitats is a natural for the garden and backyard. Here are some examples where Fairy Houses, Nature and Gardens all come together!


The Latest Craze in Gardening ~ Building Fairy Houses!

The latest gardening craze, building fairy houses, has strong roots in New England. The tradition of building these environmentally sensitive, small dwellings to attract fairies is generations old. Thanks to Tracy Kane, author and illustrator of The Fairy Houses Series, the spirit has been revived and is sweeping across the country.

Gardeners add their personal signature to their backyards, and building fairy houses is a signature gardening activity that children, parents, grandparents, and all who care for the environment can engage in.  more…


Maine Botanical Fairy Houses Festival

Tracy Kane has attended many events at Nature Centers and Botanical Gardens. This annual event shows the power of Fairy Houses to get Kids engaged in growing things and enjoying parents and grandparents.  click here


Michelle Obama initiative ~ “Let’s Move Outside!”

A news release on the national movement to get Kids back outside click here


Nature Deficit Disorder

Building Fairy Houses offers remedy for “Nature-Deficit Disorder” – reconnects kids with nature and increases curiosity.

Recent news reports have suggested that kids are suffering from “nature-deficit disorder.” Children are plagued by the estimated 44 hours per week that they spend watching TV and playing computer and video games according to research from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Some might argue that “nature-deficit disorder” is not just a problem for children, but is ever-present with adults, too.

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, defines “nature-deficit disorder” as the cumulative effect of withdrawing nature from children’s experiences. Families too can show the symptoms - increased feelings of stress, trouble paying attention, and feelings of not being rooted in the world.

Building fairy houses, the latest outdoor craze, inspires appreciation and awareness of the environment through an activity that encourages year-round outdoor play.

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