Fairy Houses come to Retirement Community!

In the sleepy seaside community of Falmouth, Maine, there is a buzz of activity – fairy houses building activity that is! June 24th saw the official opening of a “Fairy Houses Village” within Ocean View Retirement Community, where residents can share this creative activity with visiting grandchildren and families.

Parents are applauding their child’s responses to building fairy houses, seeing them engage so positively with nature, the environment, friends, and family. All family members can share this activity. Often, all three generations team up to build a fairy house that is just right! The sharing and cooperation is extraordinary. Now, residents of the retirement community can cherish these special moments on a regular basis. It is win-win for all involved.

Families have been building fairy houses on islands off the coast of Maine for decades. Interest in this phenomenon has been sparked due to the release of “The Fairy House Series” of children’s picture books and video, by Tracy Kane. “Connecting Kids and Nature … with a pinch of Fairy magic!” is the motto. “The real goal of the series,” says Kane, “is encouraging children to discover the daily wonders of the natural world.”

Inspired by The Fairy Houses Series®, community members of the Town of Falmouth in cooperation with the Baxter School for the Deaf and the Department of Conservation’s Bureau of Parks and Land officially designated an area of parks land to a “Fairy Houses Village.” This inspiring action has benefited the community with a permanent area on beautiful Mackworth Island for the recreation of building fairy houses!

Kane is a resident of New Hampshire and discovered fairy houses when vacationing on Monhegan Island. “I was captivated by partnering with nature to create these unpretentious habitats. It was the combination of ingredients an artist finds irresistible – creativity, nature … and a pinch of fairy magic!”

Gardeners and environmentalists are big fans of Fairy Houses. The “fairy village” theme opens up all kinds of ideas. Kane has done workshops at Garden Clubs, Horticultural Societies, Audubon Centers, as well as many Schools and Libraries throughout New England.

Give building fairy houses a try with your family, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself rolling up your sleeves and catching the fairy houses building bug!

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