Review ~ Fairy Houses…Unbelievable!

Midwest Book Review –  May 2012

“Fairy Houses… Unbelievable! A Photographic Tour ” is an astounding, entrancing photographic tour of fanciful but real fairy houses imaginatively constructed from found natural treasures.

Here are a fabulous array of exquisite fairy houses, including fairy gardens and vegetable houses, fairy tale themed houses, seaside homes for mermaids and fairy friends, whimsical villages, and fairy arts and amusements. Children are encouraged to create their own fairy houses from seed pods, sticks, nutshells, sea wrack, and other natural components. Exquisite detail in the color photos of miniature fairy homes is enchanting. A favorite is the fairy library, featuring tiny, birch bark covered volumes, with signs proclaiming glitter recipes, a lullaby lounge, and a handicap area. Hours of creative activity are portrayed in each photo treasure, encouraging children to activate and use their capacities for imagination, creativity, fun, and free play connecting with nature.

“Fairy Houses…Unbelievable!” is part of the Fairy Houses Series, which can be found at,

Here is good fun for children of all ages.


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  1. Bianca
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    GD Star Ratingloading…Your books are awsome and I have purehascd both will be looking for more. I have recruited a group of senior citizens to start building fairy houses here in our senior MHP and want you to know we have some very excited seniors who are very young in heart and are also taking the ideas to their grandchildren up north, by the way I am approaching 85 and my husband is 85 and just as interested.

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