Chicago Family comes to CT Fairy Houses Event!

At “Nature’s Open House Fairy Houses Tour” event in Farmington, CT, Tracy and Barry Kane met the East family who had flown all the way from Chicago solely to attend this event!

Ted, Jeannine and their daughter Noelle, were welcomed as the “most traveled” guests! They took the Fairy Houses Tour and then built their own fairy houses in the permanent Gnome and Fairy Village at Windings Trails, host of this wonderful tour that “Connects Kids with Nature.”

We have just received pictures from the East family and a letter from Noelle. Here is the letter from Noelle, followed by pictures of the family.


Thanks for coming Ted, Jeannine and Noelle.
We look forward to seeing you next year!


“Oh boy! Oh boy!” I couldn’t wait! Because today, this very day, I was going to the Nature’s Open House Fairy Houses Tour. I leaped into the rental car, clutching my Monarch butterfly wings in my hand (because Monarch butterflies are actually fairies in disguise)! But before we got to the Fairy Houses Tour, I thought back to the day we left home for Farmington, Connecticut. I remembered the day clearly…

It was a golden afternoon. The sun streamed down onto the bright suburbs. Along the road, a huge yellow bus tumbled out of one subdivision and onto the busy street. On that bus, only a handful of students waited for their stop to come. One of them, me, Noelle East, was staring out the window at the passing houses, being jolted up and down as the bus drove down the road. When the bus slowed down to a halt, I hurried away to my house. Usually I took my time, but today, I easily darted home. Soon we were loaded into a town car, my mom, dad, and me, and driven off to the O’Hare airport in Chicago. From there, we flew to Connecticut, and the rest is unimportant. The rest is not as close to amazing as the Fairy Houses Tour was!

Once we got to Winding Trails, where the Fairy House Tour was being held, I was stunned. This whole place was dedicated (even if only temporarily) to Fairy Houses. But then a cloudy thought dampened my mood. “Oh no!” I thought. “What am I going to say to Tracy Kane? She is so famous! I’m so nervous!” However, when I met her, all of my nervous feelings went away. When I met Barry Kane, I saw just how nice they were. The Kanes were the kindest people on the planet!

As we set off into the woods for the Tour, I was awestruck at the little fairy houses. They looked like a fairy had made them! I picked up a fallen leaf, admiring its scarlet colors. Setting off to the next stop, I found an acorn on the forest floor. These were so different than the ones in Illinois! The beautiful Girl Scout Neverland Farms gave me an idea. Could we make fairy houses with our Girl Scout Cadette troop back in Illinois?

The attention to detail was splendid throughout every house. “Should we buy some extra pumpkins this year?” asked my mom. “Yeah! We can make them into fairy houses!” I said, picking up a fallen red maple leaf. These would make great fairy carpets!

When we finally got to the last stop, I was overjoyed to see a fairy–house building station. “Wow!” I breathed. Immediately, I started to build. My mom got to work on her own, too. Taking a purplish hinged clamshell, some soft leaves, and a dried rose petal I brought from home, I made a bed. My mom took a tangled mess of roots and decorated them with dried flowers. When I was done, I was sad to go, but we had to hurry. Preparations for next year’s fairy house tour had to be made!


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    What great pictures. They’re all so inniitvg, it’s like being asked to choose between Mom’s apple pie and you’re favorite sweater, while your sweet tooth is kickin’ on a crisp Fall day. #2 is fun, #8 is sublime , but #1 #1 is warm apple pie a la mode on a sunny day. Mmmm . . .

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