The Fairy Houses Club!

Welcome to The Fairy Houses Club! See lots more Fairy Houses related stuff and fun activities involved with your new hobby. Enjoy!

Vote for your favorite FAIRY HOUSES!

See great pictures uploaded by other fairy house builders.

Upload a picture of your fairy house. You may be voted Picture of the Month!

Plus, you are automatically entered into a random draw to WIN A FREE BOOK or VIDEO from The Fairy Houses Series®!


Fairy Houses FAN MAIL

Share the fun of building Fairy Houses … We love to hear from you!



Building Fairy Houses

Watch videos showing fairy houses under construction.



Activities for a Rainy Day

Download coloring pages – coloring some of Tracy Kane’s illustrations is great fun when on the move and make great decorations for your walls, all year round! Try a puzzle, and more!


Meet the Fairies!

Here you can find more information on the fairies featured in the books. What they like, dislike and where they prefer to live. Lots of information to help you design the right house for your favorite fairy and Nature’s visitors.



Meet the Visitors!

Take a look to see who visits or lives in Fairy Houses when the fairies are not around. See if you recognize some of them.



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