The activity of building fairy houses offers unique opportunities for education. While children are fully engaged with building a fairy house they are stimulated in many ways – creating, observing, collecting, exercising, communicating and imagining – all while having lots of fun. It’s a win-win situation for both child and educator.

Helping pioneer the movement to get Kids back outside and connecting with Nature, Light-Beams Publishing works with and applauds many organizations and groups that contribute to this important goal. Getting children excited and curious about the natural world is what we are all about.




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Feedback from Librarians and Event Coordinators



Nature & Garden

See how fairy houses are popping up in Audubon, Nature and Botanical centers around the country



Community Outreach

Examples of communities and individuals have responded how we interact with local groups promoting this exciting activity that is helping make free outdoor play a part of every child’s life.

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