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Written & Illustrated
by Tracy Kane
ISBN: 9780976628903
LCCN: 2005901468
Hardcover 9 x 11.5 in.
40 pages /  Ages 4-9
$10.95 US

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by Independent Booksellers across America

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Can you imagine an Earth without color? No blue sky, green grass or brilliant red sunsets?

This is a story about two tribes who exist peacefully on an island in a world of black and white. A dramatic event occurs, creating two colors that transforms their lives. When a third color appears on the mountain peak, both tribes set off on an adventure to claim this dazzling new treasure.

Their journey guides them to a startling encounter, and they discover a new world more wonderful than any they could imagine.

Another winning picture book by Tracy Kane that explores the world of color, its potential origins, and the fascination of color blending. Subtle multicultural messages are woven throughout.


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