Holding Your Own Fairy Houses Event ~ FAQ

DSCN0473Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about holding your own Fairy Houses Event.

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Who can hold a Fairy Houses event?

Fairy Houses events come in all shapes and sizes. Schools, Libraries, Garden Clubs, Nature Centers, Retail Stores, Parks and others have all held successful events.

What elements does a Fairy Houses Event include?

DSC_8393Try holding a story time session where one or more of the Fairy Houses Series® books are read. Other elements could include a fairy tea; face painting and crafts, such as wand-making.

Can a Fairy Houses event be used to raise money?

Fairy houses events can be a great way to generate revenue for your organization or civic group. Ask about our returnable merchandise available at a discount for your event. Contact us for details.DSC_8198

How soon should I start planning my event?

When to begin planning your Fairy Houses event depends upon the size and scope. More detailed planning timelines are available as part of the Tiered Fairy Houses Event Planning Packs.

Can Light-Beams Publishing help me publicize my event?

We invite anyone hosting a fairy houses event to register their event on our website. Your event will be included on our Events page.. The Fairy Houses website provides a one-stop resource for Fairy Houses fans looking for events to attend around the country.

DSC_7791For Tier 2 through Tier 4 events, your event package includes the option of having people sign up through FairyHouses.com to build fairy houses for your event. They complete a builder submission form and we forward the details to you in digital form. It’s that easy!

How do I manage a fairy house building area?

Determine an area where children and families can then build their own fairy houses. Keep safety in mind when choosing a spot. Collect building materials and sort materials ahead of time. Quantity and variety of materials are key to creative fairy houses.

What materials are suitable for fairy house building?

Any non-invasive, natural materials are suitable building materials. It’s important to have plenty of structural materials such as sticks, bark and stones to create the basic shape. Embellish with dried flowers, pine cones, milkweed pods, leaves, dry grasses or hay.

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