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As host of Hollywood Squares and America’s Funniest Videos I could be accused of biting the hand that feeds me, but I’ve got a great reason to turn off the television. “Fairy Houses” is a wonderful way to get your kids to engage their imagination and explore the wonder of their own backyards. Both my daughters have built their own fairy houses using the suggestions in the book. Tracy Kane’s imaginative story and beautiful illustrations provide a perfect bedtime story and next day adventure.

Tom Bergeron, host – ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘America’s Funniest Videos’


I have just had the pleasure of viewing your video (Kristen’s Fairy House). It is lovely, and one that I’d like the world to know about. The simplicity of the presentation with its solid script (and so much wisdom), storyline, pacing and music, and its respect for children, nature and the spirit of it all – well, it’s not often that it all comes together like this in a video production for children.

Best wishes to you to Tracy and to beautiful, beautiful Kristen Puffer

Martha Dewing, Children’s Video Report


Tracy Kane is the number one celebrity amongst our 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students. It was pure joy watching them as the listened intently to Tracy as she read her book, and then again as they created fairy houses of their own. Tracy’s visit has inspired an enormous variety of activities in our school, including nature walks, artwork, sorting, collecting, reading, writing, math and science activities, web browsing, and best of all…cooperating! I am still hearing fairy house stories every day from students, parents and teachers!

Tracy has given us all a wonderful, magical memory.

Adele Pulitzer,  Library Media Specialist

Nottingham School, Nottingham NH


I think you know this feeling…when you just HAVE to tell someone about a book because it’s so wonderful. I’m bursting to tell you about Tracy Kane’s picturebook, Fairy Houses!

Based on the Monhegan Island tradition of children making fairy houses in the forest, this picturebook is an excellent guide for imaginative play. Kristen builds a fairy house and then tends to its upkeep, checking on it daily and finding many unintended visitors. But are the fairies using it? Only the imagination knows. With the rich illustrations and your own imagination, you’ll be sure there are fairies living there.

So many of our customers will love this book for a wide variety of reasons. It provides a great opportunity for grandparents & grandkids to share an activity that’s not too physically taxing. Gardeners will love the idea of building fairy houses among their garden foliage. The story teaches kids to respect nature and to enjoy it, as well as sparking their imaginations and encouraging a belief in the unseen. These benefits translate directly into a great tool for teachers. And, perhaps best of all, you can build fairy houses year round so this book is never out of season.

I was lucky enough to share the experience of building fairy houses with Tracy Kane and many of my customers during an author event. I want to tell you that the joy on both the children’s and parents’ faces was absolutely contagious. And, that joy translated into significant sales of the book and also the companion video, “Kristen’s Fairy House.”

Fairy Houses picturebook and “Kristen’s Fairy House” video are both high on my list of recommendations, for everyone! I wish you lots of fun experiencing both!

Happy Reading,

Teressa Corson, Buyer and Marketing Manager

Stroudwater Books


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    Hi, has anyone had a Fairy house making birthday party?
    My daughter turns 5 next month & would like her birthday party to be a “fairy house” party. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!
    Elizabeth Ruby

  2. Ismael
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    Lucky you, Tracy! Congrats! And even better that your husbnad thinks he has the better part of the deal. Sounds like a win / win to me!!!My last two offices had views, lovely views and lots of bright light. Not so this one. Dark, no view; we have sunblocking curtains on the window because it faces south and the sun makes the room way too warm and way too bright all day long.

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