What is a Fairy House?

A Fairy House is a small structure made from natural materials to attract fairy visitors. Ranging from rustic to intricate fairy mansions,these whimsical habitats are built by children and adults reflecting their creativity, joy and pride. Construction from natural materials:

• Encourages creative thinking about the materials used
• Promotes awareness and a sense of responsibility for actions

Why is The Fairy Houses Series® important?

The Series promotes creativity, design, construction skills and a sense of accomplishment, all wrapped into a fun outdoor activity.

“Connects children with Nature” – motivating children to build fairy houses from natural materials and then observing their visitors. This enchanting activity reminds children of Nature’s daily magic as they explore the materials at hand and observe their welcome visitors – toads, ants, ladybugs, birds, chipmunks, etc..

The Series is a “call to action”, encouraging kids to turn off TVs and video games and head outside with friends or family members to create magical habitats.


How do Fairy Houses inspire families?

The series offers a fun cross-generational activity and promotes positive message in these troubled times. Permanent “Fairy Houses Villages” are being created in parks, schools and even retirement communities where residents can enjoy building fairy houses with visiting grandchildren. The activity of building fairy houses encourages a bonding of all generations.


Where does The Fairy Houses Series® reach, and why?

Schools and Libraries: Promotes hands-on literacy and encourages storytelling.

Nature Centers: A perfect venue for establishing permanent Fairy Houses Village sites.

Gardeners and Horticulturalists: An inspiring way to interest children in plants and gardens. Environmentalists: Subtly teaches a respect for the environment and responsibility for our actions.

What is Nature Deficit Disorder?

Richard Louv’s book, ‘Last Child in the Woods,’ reveals how we are becoming indoor dwellers and losing our connections to the outdoors and nature. We are loosing our sense of curiosity and discovery. The Fairy Houses Series® offers a remedy for Nature Deficit Disorder through helping to connect children and families to the enchantment and beauty of our natural world.

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  1. Ria Schalnat
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    We just bought the book Fairy House and my 6YO daughter LOVED it. She’s on her 4th house in just two days. But, I’m curious, is there actually a place in Maine on an island that has a fairy village like the one described in the book?

  2. J.
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    Ria, There is a Fairy Village on Mackworth Island in Falmoth,ME. A wonderful place to take children of all ages. We have taken our 2yr and 5 year old boys there. An easy walk with beautful views of the ocean. Just follow the trail and you will not miss the Fairy Village. There you will see many Fairy houses and you can build your own. Our 5 year old has since built a couple houses in our backyard ! ENJOY 🙂

  3. J.
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    Rating: 4.4/5 (5 votes cast)

    Typo….That would be Falmouth, ME.

  4. ABI
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (4 votes cast)

    how old r u j. im 8 !!

  5. N.K.
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    I really like the book “Fairy Houses” because it is just like the book and the book is magical!!

  6. Pramod
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  7. Billy Dillard
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    I started building a Fairy Hut for the reason i read here . In these troubled times people so busy in their lives i wanted to give them something to look at an enjoy . I hope it takes them in their mind to a place of peace, joy, and enchantment . This Fairy Hut is 12 Feet tall . I still have more mushrooms to sculpt, Ivy and vines to create, door and window to complete . You can see it on FaceBook, Billy Dillard Art .

  8. Linell Winnicki
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    I’m trying to order your event kit, but I keep getting an error when I click on the “Event” tab

    please advise, Linell

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