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by Barry and Tracy Kane
ISBN: 978-0-9708104-8-9
UPC: 884277000105
LCCN: 2011946003
Softcover 9 x 11.75 in.
96 pages  /  For All Ages
$19.95 US

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Take this unique photographic tour of whimsical fairy houses designed and built by children, gardeners, artists and nature lovers. Constructed with natural materials, the diversity of these miniature homes is astounding. Nature proves to be a treasure trove, as milkweed pods become fairy beds and acorn caps, tiny dishes.

Imaginations soar when a woodland library of miniature books is crafted from birch bark, or a fairy artist’s studio is sheltered within a pumpkin. And for entertainment there’s always the Fairy Circus!

Come and be transported to a world of enchantment as
“Fairy Houses…Unbelievable!” inspires the architect in us all.

Tracy writes about the experience of building fairy houses:

  • A way to explore and participate in the wonders of nature
  • To bring people closer together as they collaborate in an activity with nature
  • An opportunity for all ages to create, invent and learn.

She continues, “Building fairy houses encourages children to explore the outdoors and inspires awareness of the natural environment. In era when children are spending too much time indoors watching TV, playing computer and video games, building fairy houses is an activity that reconnects kids with nature. A fairy house can be simple or elaborate, colorful or camouflaged, impromptu or intricately designed. The only rule is not to harm living things or the fairies won’t come.”


The Fairy Houses Series® Combined Award Listing

The pictures in this book are fantastic. They gave me lots of ideas for building future fairy houses. I now plan to have a fairy-house-building birthday party…. (Fairy Houses and Beyond!)

— Avery McGinn (age 7) for Reader Views

I am thrilled with this book …. The husband and wife team never cease to amaze me. Each book overflows with creative genius …. I find their books magical and pure. (Fairy Houses and Beyond!)

— Jennifer LB Leese, It’s Only Ink!

By reading this book, you will see that it has the power to rekindle any mind, young or old. (Fairy Houses and Beyond!)

— Allbooks Review
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