Kristen’s Fairy House DVD


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40 minutes, plus bonus tracks!
Ages 3 and up
$14.95 US

What is “Kristen’s Fairy House?
It is a completely different kind of video for children and families.

With a light hand and heart, it inspires children to explore the natural world around them. It is the story of Kristen and her vacation on a small island off the New England coast with her aunt Tracy, an artist. Tracy is creating a picture book about “fairy houses” built in the woods by visiting children. As they share an island adventure, a special relationship develops and Kristen becomes the heroine of her own story.

It’s a gem. (Kristen’s Fairy House DVD)

— Parenting Magazine

It has the timeless, transporting feel of a great storybook. (Kristen’s Fairy House DVD)

— Family Fun Magazine

This jewel of a video combines nature, magic and artistic vision in a beautiful package. (Kristen’s Fairy House DVD)

— Publishers Weekly

Rare Quality Viewing… A lovely and refreshing live-action movie. (Kristen’s Fairy House DVD)

— Billboard Magazine

A tribute to magic and friendship and the ethereal in nature. (Kristen’s Fairy House DVD)

— Parents’ Choice Awards

A candid peek at the making of Kristen’s Fairy House

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