The Fairy Houses Concept

Building Fairy Houses is proving very popular with many schools throughout the country. They are finding that The Fairy Houses Series® stories are powerful tools in teaching children how to engage with nature plus linking their discoveries to the learning process. We present collected feedback from teachers or play group organizers who have experienced the magic of fairy houses both inside and OUTSIDE of the classroom.

Narrowing Curriculum

Many schools have responded to the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind law by sacrificing subjects such as environmental education so that they can focus on seemingly more important subjects required by testing, such as reading and math. A 2008 study by the Center on Education Policy documented the problem. It found that many school districts have significantly reduced the amount of class time spent on such subjects as social studies and science. Many teachers and parents also report that field trips and time devoted to outdoor learning activities have been cut.

“No Child Left Inside” Act

The No Child Left Inside Act would help address this problem by giving new incentives and support to school systems to provide environmental education. The Act also recognizes that high-quality environmental education often requires students to use math, reading, science and writing skills as they pursue engaging activities.

Expanded environmental education will also help boost academic achievement. A number of studies have found that students who take part in environmentally themed lessons do better in science and other subjects.

Classroom Galleries

The following are drawings, photos, notes and comments from several schools that author/illustrator, Tracy Kane, has attended. Clearly, these are inspiring times!

Mast Way School

Clay Fairy Houses!

Schoolyard Fairy Houses

Mianus School


Mitchell School


Kensington School


Newmarket School

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