Libraries are strong supporters of The Fairy Houses Series of books and video because they believe in the messages and values that the Series promotes. Libraries that Hold a Fairy Houses Event see the real magic – that look in a child’s eye of pride, excitement, learning and FUN!

Groton Public Library

Groton Public Library, Groton NH


Richmond Memorial Library

Hi Tracy – I met you at Book Expo. We hosted a Fairy House program on August 9. All the participants loved it. Attached is a picture from the day.

Nancy Wood
Richmond Memorial Library, Marlborough, CT


Flagstaff City Coconino County Public Library in Flagstaff, AZ.

My name is Molly Kuehn. I am an employee of the Flagstaff City Coconino County Public Library in Flagstaff, AZ. Last week, the library held a program called “Fairy House Building” based on the book by Tracy Kane.

First, I read the book to the 23 boys and girls attending and then we went out onto the lawn of the library to build our fairy houses. We found a nice flower bed and began to build. Each child was responsible for bringing his or her own materials (of course, following the rules of fairy house building…nothing artificial or living). I was amazed by what the kids brought; feathers, rose petals, corn husks, seashells, all-natural wool. One child even spent the morning brushing her dog so she could make a dog-hair carpet.

The houses were fantastic! A few children had built a kitchen table in their house with seashells full of beans for bowls of fruit. Others built a path of seashells that lead to the “outdoor reading lounge”.

Sincerely, Molly Kueh

Lee Public Library

The Lee Public Library had the privilege of a visit this fall from the very talented children’s author/illustrator Tracy Kane. Tracy presented an engaging and inspiring program for our patrons of all ages. Tracy read from her new book, Fairy Flight. This wonderful story about two girls and their adventure with butterflies and fairies captured the attention of the audience. Many were already fans of Tracy’s previous fairy books Fairy Houses and Fairy Boat. After reading her wonderful new book, she led us outside for a magical time of building fairy houses in the woods behind our library. Tracy inspired many children and beautiful fairy houses were built by all. We are sure many fairies visit our library woods now after Tracy’s visit. Tracy’s workshop was fascinating to all. I would recommend a visit from Tracy Kane to your library or school very highly!

Lisa Kleinmann
Children’s Librarian
Lee Public Library, Lee, NH

Nottingham School

Tracy Kane is the number one celebrity amongst our 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students. It was pure joy watching them as the listened intently to Tracy as she read her book, and then again as they created fairy houses of their own. Tracy’s visit has inspired an enormous variety of activities in our school, including nature walks, artwork, sorting, collecting, reading, writing, math and science activities, web browsing, and best of all…cooperating! I am still hearing fairy house stories every day from students, parents and teachers!

Tracy has given us all a wonderful, magical memory.

Adele Pulitzer
Library Media Specialist
Nottingham School, Nottingham NH

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